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Charitable Outreach


   St. Vartan Armenian Apostolic Church is pleased to inform the parish faithful that the church continues to display its humanitarian support with these charitable donations in 2017 totaling $20,181.00 and in 2016 totaling $18,800.00:


St. Vartan Armenian Church
2017 Charitable Contributions
CAAONC 100.00
St. Nersess Armenian Seminary 140.00
Flood Relief 196.00
Oakland City Team Ministries 200.00
Oakland Triple X Fraternity 250.00
Sarafian Foundation 270.00
AGCC 300.00
Bay Area Rescue Mission 475.00
North Bay Fire Relief 750.00
Armenian Charities 3,500.00
Sister Church 4,000.00
St. Leon Armenian Cathedral 5,000.00
House of Hope Mer Hooys (Orphan Fund) 5,000.00
Total Charitable Contributions 20,181.00



St. Vartan Armenian Church
2016 Charitable Contributions
Artsahk/Armenia Fund 5,000.00
House of Hope Mer Hoeys (Orphan Fund) 5,000.00
Sister Church 3,000.00
Armenian Charities 2,000.00
Medical Assistance Fund 2,000.00
Financial Assistance 400.00
Etchmiadzin Children's Fund 300.00
Bay Area Rescue Mission 300.00
CAAONC 200.00
Salvation Army 200.00
City Team Ministries--Oakland  200.00
Refugee Resettlement 200.00
Total 18,800.00


St. Vartan Armenian Church also collects food for the Alameda County Food Bank.